Sunday, 30 January 2011

Exchange Project: purple swing

I gave it,
I got this

arigatou ne

Friend's Project: "bundle"

bag for my friend
hope she like it

Mix the Pattern..why not

yatta! ^^
1,5 roll yarns

Color your coins inside

another pattern

Magic of the Colors: Handphone Case

like the pattern
the color made its own lines

First Bag: little hard

coz the yarn

but, good enough.. yay! ^^

First Project: handphone case

the crochet-thing I've made early before

little weird

the Sisters project: Gryffindor wanna be

me and my sister

Scarf: the lovely one

First Amigurumi: Cutty Octopus

Received Postcards

Postcards I've Received
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