Thursday, 6 September 2012

Exhibition 3: Hinamatsuri Doll

Hah, yappari... I want to make Indonesian version of couple doll...

but, this is it
the Third:

I have one pack of patterned I made kawaii kimono...and that fan actually is one of the pattern and I cut it

Exhibition 2: Kebaya Doll

Inspired by kimono doll, kebaya doll

so, this is the Second:
Kebaya Doll

haha, actually I made this after I searched about Indonesian doll and I found this.
But, it's true that I want to make kebaya doll that inspired by kimono doll, just that someone have precede, hihi

Exhibition 1: Sakura-san & Fuji-san with Little Pond

Today, I'd like to share 3 cards that I've made.
(pamer ceritanyah)

this is the First:
Sakura-san & Fuji-san with Little Pond

Gara-gara lampu blits jadi ngga keliatan beda warna gunung sama langit... -____-
loh, ganti bahasa

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